Having kinky and tangled hair can be difficult to deal with. If you want to have straight hair you might end up wasting money and time on ineffective hair straightening equipment or poor usage of them. This article focuses on the ways of using a hair straightener brush to give you the best results when using a hair straightening brush. The following tips will also prevent hair breakage and damage to the equipment.


Straighten Your Hair With a Straightening Brush

Hair Protectant Products1.    Wash Your Hair

Use shampoo and conditioner to wash your head thoroughly. For those with dry curly hair, it is advisable to apply a high moisturising conditioner. It also effective to apply a mask containing retinol, an extract of green tea or vitamins B and E. The cleanliness of your hair will affect the length of time your hair will stay straight.

2.    Use of Heat Protectants

Application of unique thermal protective products on your hair before using the brush straightener should not be ignored. These protectants include lotions, mousses, sprays or serums to prevent hair loss and enhance the effect of the straightener. You should apply these products evenly on your wet hair and then allow it to air dry.

3.    Avoid Straightening Hair with Splitting Ends

It is a bad idea to try straightening the tips of your hair if it’s splitting. The result will be more damage to your hair, and it will look unhealthy and dry. The best option is to get the split ends cut by a professional hairdresser. It is also important to seek products recommended by a professional to ensure perfect results after straightening with the brush straightener.

4.    Dry Your Hair Before Styling

When using a hair brush straightener, it is very advisable to make sure that your hair is completely dry and well combed. Straightening wet hair can increase the risk of burning your scalp and also damage your hair structure. As much as possible, avoid the use of a blow dryer to keep your hair from losing to much natural moisture and drying out.

5.    Proper Adjustment of the Equipment and Suitable Temperature Levels

Straightening Brush TemperatureYou should plug the hair brush straightener into the most compatible socket of voltage 220. For a device that does not fit in the socket you can use adaptors. Turn on the power source and the select the most suitable temperature according to your hair type. The temperature levels that coincide with the type of hair are shown on the LCD panel. When you need to change the mode, there is a switch on the handle of the brush for that purpose.

The device takes approximately 30 seconds to heat up. You can use this time to part and section off your hair with pins and bands. For naturally straight hair that is fine or thin, the best temperature is between of 290-330F (140-170C). For straight hair that is fine but of average thickness and dyed, the appropriate temperature is between 330-370F (170-190 degrees Celsius). Smooth and slightly curly or wavy hair will straighten well under a temperature of 370-390F (190-200 degrees Celsius). Dense slightly curly or wavy hair will straighten perfectly at 390-410F (200-210 degrees Celsius). Finally, thick curly hair will find the best results at a temperature between 410-450F (210-230 degrees Celsius).

Following these tips will ensure you properly straighten your hair with no breakage, and damage to your scalp, or damage to the brush straightener itself. Using these tips will prevent over drying of your hair and above all give you long lasting smooth and straight hair.


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