For healthy hair, you should straighten it maximum twice a day i.e. morning and before bedtime.  But did you know that the choice of straightening tool is also essential to the health of your hair and generally how it looks? Well, this is a fact, and that’s why you need to choose your hair straightening tools carefully. Although most of us use either the flat iron or brush for hair straightening, both tools have varied impact on your hair. 

What’s the Difference Between a Hair Straightening Brush and a Flat Iron?

In this article, we’ll discuss the main differences between these two devices to help you choose the best. Here is a comparison between the hair straightening brush and flat iron:

1.    Degree of Hair Damage

No matter which hair styling tool you choose, there will be some degree of hair damage due to the exposure of hair to heat. Actually, the difference is the extent of the damage.  Although the damage may not be seen immediately, you will start noticing it after using the device for some time. For a flat iron, you clamp the strands between the heated plates while styling while brush bristles hardly come into contact with your hair. This means that the flat irons can easily damage your hair if used too often. Therefore, if you spend a lot of time straightening your hair, you need to invest in hot brushes to use between ironing, to keep your hair health in good shape.

2.    Safeness

Hair Straightening BrushThe safety of your hair and scalp greatly depends on the styling tool used. It has been observed that straightening brushes are the best option since they protect the hands and scalp from burning during styling. But that’s not the case with flat irons- it’s easy to get burned by the heated plates. So, for your safety, the brush is safer compared to the flat iron. But select the brush wisely since not any brand on the market can deliver healthy hair. Go for quality and reputable brands only.

3.    Time Spend

How much time you spend straightening is an important factor especially for us who straighten everyday before we go to work in the morning. Between flat irons and brushes, it has been observed that styling with irons takes longer than the latter. So, if your mornings are busy, consider investing in a nice brush to save yourself some time for other things. It works more like combing the hair except for those who have a curly or thick hair which may require you to do it a little slower than usual. But overall, brushes are more convenient compared to  irons.

4.    Efficiency of Straightening

The hair straightening efficiency is all about how good your hair looks after styling. If you want your hair to look a little better, then the flat iron would be the perfect choice for you. The fact that you clamp your hair strands between heated plates with irons, it allows for the hair to be heated directly. It’s important to note that some flat iron brands also condition your hair, making the hair look great after straightening. So if you want to look exceptional, or are just aiming to improve straightening efficiency, go for a flat iron.

5.    Hair Volume

Swift Hair StraightenerThe volume of the hair is simply how large and voluptuous it looks after styling. Often people aim for their hair to appear voluminous but not any straightening device will achieve this. Using the straightening brush is the best option for a more voluminous hair.  For the irons, they will just make your hair flat and does not give that unique and conspicuous look.  Using the brushes also gives shape to the hair a thing that’s not possible with flat irons.

6.    Everyday use

For proper maintenance and health of your hair, you would straighten your hair maximum two times a day. At this frequency, you need a styling tool that will help to maintain the hair quality and scalp, despite being exposed to a lot of heat. The classic straightening iron isn’t recommended for everyday use due to the extensive heat the hair is exposed to. For daily styling routines, it’s highly recommended that you invest in a good brush. The fact that bristles do not come into contact with the hair makes brushes an excellent choice for daily straightening. But this does not mean that you will do away with flat irons, use them from time to time for a really polished look.

7.    Additional Functions

Having a hair styling device with additional functions is one of the ways to cut on spending and really get high value for money. When looking at examples of such features, hot brushes emerge as a favourite. A hair straightening brush can also be used as a massager, can provide treatments, and doesn’t destroy your hair. The massage is great too, it makes your scalp feel better and is recommended after straightening your hair before bedtime- some say it makes you sleep better!

8.    Cost

With all the mentioned benefits, straightening brushes are less expensive compared to flat irons. It will not cost you much to add this device to your hair styling kit. But it’s also important to note that irons have a longer life compared to brushes.

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