If you want stick-straight hair, straightening is an activity or procedure that you cannot avoid. But the choice of tools and methods to achieve this is dependent on the hair type. The tool options are broad too, with most of us relying on flat irons and hot brushes. What many people don’t know is that blow dryers can also be an excellent choice for a hair straightening tool. In fact, it works better compared to the flat iron in some cases. If you have wavy and curly hair, you can blow it out straight to get even an better look compared to the flat iron, but it can take a lot of practise.

But what are the major differences between the blow dryer and flat iron? Well, there may not be that many differences, but the few that we can point out are visibly seen or felt by the user immediately or after straightening with one method for some time. 

Blow Dryers Vs Flat Irons

To understand these differences better, we will point out the main pros and cons associated with the two straightening tools:

1.    Blow Drying Gives Sleek Volumes

Blow DryerVoluminous hair after straightening is something that everyone looks for. It not only makes your hair look great but also give it that sleek look and stands out. But if you are using a flat iron, this is something that’s hard to achieve. Unlike the flat iron, the hair dryer works by blowing hot air through the hair to achieve straight lengths. This is possible when you separate hair strands, to achieve voluminous hair that will definitely enhance your appearance. All you need to use is the right heat to protect your locks from heat damage.

2.    Sleek Straightness

When compared to the blow dryer, flat irons promote sleek straightness. Unlike the past, flat irons are made from ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline which are less damaging. The plates also promote moisture without burning the hair, and that will appear as if you’ve had your hair conditioned. What’s even more interesting is that modern irons come with several temperature settings to allow for different hair types. With such settings, it is possible to get a perfect sleek straight hair.

3.    Hair dryness

Dryness is one of the biggest challenges with hair straightening. But the severity of hair dryness is determined by the tool used. For blow dryers, there is a likelihood of more dryness compared to the flat iron. For instance, a blow dryer blows hot air through the hair, and this promotes evaporation of moisture from the hair, therefore leaving it dryer. On the other hand, flat irons are known to retain moisture in the hair leaving it a little bit conditioned. So if you want to have a healthier hair, go for irons.

4.    Hair Damage

This is a common problem with all heat-based hair straightening tools, but the severity varies depending on the hair type, heat used, and the tool. For blow dryers, the devices blow hot air through the air, and there is no contact between the hair and the device. On the other hand, the flat iron works by clamping the hair strands between heated plates. This exposes your hair to excess heat that can cause split ends, break off, burn, dull or drizzle among many other damages.

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