How does the Swift straightener brush differ from other straighteners?

The innovative patent design of the Swift straightener brush allows you to straighten your hair up to 15 times quicker than most traditional flat irons. With a swift flick of the brush your hair will become straighter quickly and effortlessly. Because you’re simply brushing your hair, there is no need to partition your hair into sections to achieve an even look, just run the brush through your hair!

How do I use my Swift straightener brush?

There really is nothing to it! The Swift brush has been engineered to be used just like a normal hairbrush. The nylon ball tipped teeth keep the ceramic heating element at a safe distance from your scalp while guaranteeing a smooth, tangle-free brush motion. For best results, brush your hair slowly to allow the heat to be absorbed into each strand, allowing all of your hair to come in contact with the ceramic tourmaline heating element.

For silky smooth, straight hair:

  1. Ensure your hair is completely dry
  2. Plug in your Swift brush and set desired temperature
  3. Once heated (light stops flashing), begin brushing making sure your hair penetrates deeply into the brush teeth. It helps to gently stretch your hair as you brush to achieve the best results
  4. Continue brushing your hair methodically to ensure maximum coverage from the root to the tip. You can brush from the inside/out if required


Will the Swift hair straightener burn my hair/scalp?

The Swift hair straightening brush has been designed to protect your hair and scalp in every way possible. The insulated brush bristles prevent the ceramic tourmaline heating element from coming into direct contact with your scalp for worry-free straightening. It is still important to take care with the straightening brush when in operation, ensuring no other body parts come in contact with the brush surface.

The ceramic heating element has 5 heat settings for different hair types:

  • 120° Celsius – Fine & fragile hair
  • 140° Celsius – Fine hair
  • 160° Celsius – Normal hair
  • 180° Celsius – Coarse & wavy hair
  • 200° Celsius – Thick & curly hair


There is no one temperature that suits all hair types so be sure to select the temperature that suits your hair for perfect, safe styling. Traditional straighteners that heat over 200°C can cause damage to your hair so keep your hair beautiful and safe with Swift.

How long does it take to heat up?

The Swift hair straightening brush will reach your desired temperature in 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the heat level selected.

Can I use my Swift on wet hair?

For ideal results we only recommend using your Swift brush on dry, untangled hair that is free of moisturisers and other chemicals.

I have hair extensions. Can I use my Swift with them?

If your hair extensions are made of real hair it is safe to use your hair straightening brush. Do not use with any form of synthetic hair extensions.

How is the Swift brush better than other hair straighteners?

  1. It’s quick – Just brush!
  2. it’s safer for your hair
  3. it’s simple to use & style with
  4. it features multiple heat settings for all hair types


Can Swift truly straighten my hair in a few minutes?

You bet it can! Once you have gotten used to your new hair straightening brush, you’ll have your hair looking smooth and straight in under 5 minutes!

How long is the power cord

The Swift power cord features a 360° swivel attachment and 2.5 metre long cord for easy styling.

How do I clean my Swift brush?

If needed, when the unit is cooled and unplugged simply wipe the brush with a damp cloth.