Are you having problems with hair breakages? Well, this is one of the biggest challenges that most people are facing today. Most of them don’t know what causes this menace. They think that dryness, over manipulations and damage are the only causes. This might not be true as there are other many causes.

Different Causes of Hair Breakages

Overstretching The Hair

Damaged Overstretched Hair

Hair Damage Due to Overstretching

Overstretching is one of the leading factors of hair breakages. Due to continuous treatment and age, the hair sometimes becomes weak. A slight tension on it will cause it to break. Breakages occur mostly when the hair is under wet conditions. This is because at this time the hair is soft and weak. Use of rubber bands and other hair tie also causes overstretching the hair. Braiding the hair tightly can also leads to weakened strands that break when put under small tension.

Feeding On A Low Protein Diet

Most of the people think that breaking of the hair is only caused by use of chemicals but diet could be the reason. One of the components that form hair is the keratin. It is a form of protein and hence the need to feed on food that’s rich in protein. If hair lacks keratin the hair strands will be thinner and weaker. A little tension will cause breakage. To some extent this protein can result to loss of hair on the scalp. Some of the food rich in protein include chicken, fish, beans and nuts of all kinds among other foods. For more tips on how to prevent thinning hair, go here.

Use Of Sulfate Shampoos

Shampoos are largely used in cleaning the hair before treatment or at any other time one wants to. Most of the people are washed in saloons hence they might not know which shampoo is used. There are those shampoos that are made naturally from the herbs and fruit juices while others are made chemically. For the chemical ones Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Ammonium Laurel Sulfate (ALS) are the main components used to manufacture them. Sometimes these chemicals are harsh and they may weaken the strands of your hair which will then lead to breakages.

Improper Comb Usage

Did you know a comb can highly contribute to you hair breakage? Well, this has been proven to be true. There are different types of combs in the market that ranges in terms of thickness. Thin ones has been proven to contribute more than the thicker ones. They are able to tug on the hair since they have very many teeth that are spaced by a very small space. This doesn’t allow smooth flow of hair when combing and as a result of resistance and tension breakages are experienced. Thick combs are better and offer little resistance when combing.

Use Of Heat To Style Your Hair

Hair Curler

Curling Hair With Curling Iron

Most of the hair styles like curly among others are as a result of using heat. After a prolonged use of heat your hair tends to weaken. When a little pressure like just combing is applied on the hair it will cause the mid shafts of the weaker to break. The problem of heat extends even after stopping using heating devices such as hair straighteners to make your hair. The only solution when you have a problem of breakage after using heat is just to trim it and allow it to grow again.

Sleeping On A Cotton Pillow

Cotton pillows are sometimes headache when it comes to the hair. Their main problem is that the hair sticks to it. Movement of the head while sleeping will cause the sticky hair to break. To avoid this problem you can start using the head nets while sleeping. Avoid these cotton pillows at all cost. Use pillows from other fabrics such as satin and silk pillowcase. They will help reduce breakage.

Dyeing The Hair

Dyeing and bleaching the hair is a major cause of weakened hair. During the process, most of the hair cuticles are lifted up. This weakens the hair making it prone to breakage. To avoid this problem, stop regular deep conditioning. You can also trim it and let it start afresh.

Long Exposure To Sun

Do you know that overexposure of your hair to the sun can weaken it? This is a fact. Hair that has been exposed to the sun for several months has shown signs of weakness. This is due to dryness due as result of losing most of its moisture.