Have you been struggling with hair dryness? Has your hair been losing shine and become brittle, dull, and very dry? Well, this is a common across the world, and understanding the causes followed by the right actions may be all you need. First, you should know that the condition is preventable and treatable if the right precautions are taken. There are numerous causes of dry hair, but we can attribute most of them to recklessness. 

Reasons for Dry Hair

Most people either don’t take their hair serious or just go for any treatment without knowing how it will react with their hair. In some rare cases, it may be a result of natural moisture and oil loss due to sunlight exposure. But what could be the leading cause for dry hair? Check the following and pinpoint which is your primary cause and how to avoid it.

1.    Excessive Washing

Excessive Hair WashingKeeping your hair clean is important, but this comes with advantages and disadvantages. You have to do it right or otherwise you might find yourself doing more harm than good. Excessive watching will sweep away natural oil meant to keep your hair healthy. This led your hair to become so dry and unhealthy as well. It’s important to keep the hair clean, but this does not mean washing it daily. Do the washing at least three times a week for it to remain healthy.

2.    Use of the Wrong Shampoo

What shampoo are you using? Well, not every shampoo will work for your hair. Although it helps in strengthening and softening your hair and keeping it in great shape, in some cases it might be the opposite. There are various types and brands of shampoos out there, where by some contain very harsh ingredients. Using such shampoos will worsen the condition of your hair. Applications of the wrong shampoo will irritate the hair and strip away natural oils and moisture. This leaves it very dry, brittle and unhealthy too. Let your hair type help you choose the right shampoo for better results. Better yet, use alternative natural shampoos.

3.    Hot Tools

This is one of the most common causes of dry hair.  The heat tools may make your hair have an excellent look, but on the other hand, it can harm it badly if used often and improperly.  If you are frequently using heat tools such as blow dryers, electrical curlers, and flat irons, this is a disaster. The exposure of hair to excess heat promotes the evaporation of the moisture in the hair. This makes your hair dry, and you may need to use conditioners to replace the lost water and nutrients.

4.    Weather

Weather is another factor that you need to consider if are struggling with dry hair. If you live in a place where the temperatures are too high, then it could be the reasons why your hair is so dry. Dusty areas can also make your hair dry. If dust settles on your hair, it will absorb the moisture in the hair causing dry hair. Windy weather could also be a reason why your hair is dry since it promotes evaporation of moisture. To prevent weather-based dryness, make sure that your hair covered when outdoors to minimize the impact of the weather condition.

6.    Hormone Change

Sickness and Bad HairThis is another cause of hair dryness but also the most ignored. Your hair health is dependent on the overall health of your body and this includes hormone production.  If you are under medication or you’re using birth control pills, this can affect your hair. The hormonal imbalance will definitely affect the production of essential oils that nourish the hair causing brittleness and dryness. The condition can also appear if you’re approaching menopause or you are pregnant.

7.    Illness

There are various diseases and disorders which can negatively affect your hair’s health. Some of these diseases such as thyroids affect the hormonal level thus causing your hair to become brittle and dry. Other conditions and medications such as cancer will also have an adverse impact on your hair health. The common one is dry hair, but you can also end up losing hair or hair breaking. It’s important to ask the physician on ways through which you can reduce the severity of these medications.

8. Daily Activities

The coming of the summer season is when many people spend most of their time in swimming pools. But this might not be good for your hair if you don’t take necessary precautions. Swimming water contains chlorine, and this might not be good for your hair. Also, avoid swimming on hot seasons with your hair uncovered. This will prevent your hair from drying due to chlorines used in swimming pools which sweep away natural oil of the hair.


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