Having healthy hair not only improves your image but also beautifies you naturally. But how do you keep it healthy? Well, putting into practice good hygiene and keeping a healthy diet are key determinants of healthy and attractive hair. But these two will not guarantee you healthy hair. 

5 Practical Hair Care Tips

How to keep and mostly treat your hair is crucial to its overall health. You could be doing the diet right but fail in the daily maintenance of the hair. Below are extra tips which will make your hair gorgeous and healthy as well.

1.    Wash hair properly

Washing your hair and doing it right is an essential tip for keeping your hair healthy. Make sure you wash your hair with clean water and use the right quality shampoo. Also, avoid washing your hair too often as this does not only remove natural oil but also gives your hair a natural shine and prevents drying. Don’t wash your hair daily but do it at least once or twice per week. Another crucial thing that you need to consider is the choice of shampoo. Don’t go for any shampoo on the market- each shampoo that works best for a specific hair type.  Always make sure you’ve used the right shampoo that suits your hair type to prevent damage. You should also consider the chemical composition of the shampoo and avoid those with harsh chemicals- look out for shampoos brand that contains natural cleansers or one that you know about.

You should also consider conditioning your hair after every shampooing. This should be done using the right conditioner which matches with your hair type and length. Using deep conditioner can be perfect; it quickly penetrates leaving your hair healthy, soft and well moisturized. Protein is essential in building blocks of healthy hair but avoid using products that contain too much protein. Too much protein could end up leaving your hair feeling brittle and dry.  Check out for products which contain balanced and healthy ingredients. Having done so, rinse your hair using warm water and moisturize it with the right oil.

2.    Drying your hair

Drying Hair NaturallyHaving washed your hair, consider drying it naturally.  Wrap it with anything made of cotton and avoid fabrics for they are very rough leaving your hair to break. Wrapping it with a cotton towel to dry allows the hair to absorb some water to avoid hair breakage and keep it looking great and healthy. Also don’t brush your hair while wet, this makes hair weak and brittle and is one of the causes of hair breaking. Try not to use heat tools to dry your hair, and if you must, use the lowest temperature.

3.    Brushing

Brushing your hair is good, but you shouldn’t do it too much.  It might leave your hair strands damaged resulting in splitting ends. Brushing stimulates the follicles which are meant to boost your hair growth, and thus you should do it at least once day- morning and/or before sleeping. Also, avoid using a narrow hair brush; this might lead to hair breakage as you apply more energy to pass it through the hair.

4.    Styling

Trimming your hair should be the priority before styling. This is the perfect way to get rid of split ends, and you should do it regularly. While styling your hair, avoid repeating the same style multiple times as this can seriously destroy your hair. You can consider doing it naturally to reduce damages, if you choose styles such as curling, bleaching, crimping, perming or colouring, make it an occasional treat. Avoid hairstyles which pull the hair for they can harm your hair root. Also, dying could lead to breaking, and dry hair so does it once in a while if you must to maintain a healthy hair.

5.    Keep your hair

This should be the most important part. Having gone through the entire steps, you won’t want to mess up. First, provide your hair with the right amount of vitamins. Make sure you eat balanced diets such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. The vitamins strengthen the hair, making it healthy. It also ensures your hair feels and looks great. You should also avoid stress in your life since it can cause hair loss. Exercising can be of great help to keep you away from stress. This includes biking, running, doing yoga amongst other activities.

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