Hair breakage is a problem that has disturbed many people. There are many theories behind hair breakage, and some of these include lack of oil, tight hairstyles and hot styling tools among others. Some of these causes can be protected while other can be mitigated. However, this should not worry you if you are a victim. We’ve rounded up the best tips on how to naturally protect your hair from split ends and hair breakage.

How To Prevent Hair Breakage

Use of Oils

Oils for Hair

Natural Oils for Hair

Oil is known to soften the hair thereby prevent it from breaking. It also ensures that your hair retains the moisture to preventing it from drying- this is the primary cause of breakage. One should choose the best variety that suits their hair. Some of the oils in the market have a lot of chemicals that can cause breakages further. Go for the natural oils that are made direct from the herbs and fruits. There are several varieties of naturally made oils including castor, olive, coconut, jojoba, argan and grape seed among others. You can also make homemade oil by blend several oils. Apply the oil 2-3 times a week, and the result will be impressive.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is recommended for better growth of hair. Most people that apply this vinegar have soft and shiny hair which does not break anyhow. Vinegar is known to be acidic; this helps much in removing any dirt attached to the shaft of the hair and also the product’s build up. A clean shaft is strong and more receptive to other natural treatments. You should apply this concoction at least 1-2 times a week.

Use Egg Protein Treatment

Most people may not believe that egg is a good product when it comes to strengthening your hair. Egg protein treatment helps in nourishing the hair and also sealing in the moisture. It is a natural product that will never harm your hair. Moisture sealing ensures that the hair does not become dry at any given time. Egg protein treatment is available in most of the shops, and therefore one should never let her hair to suffer from dryness.

Use of Garlic

Garlic is another natural product that works very well when it comes to preventing hair breakages. It helps in boosting the growth of the hair by making it smoother. Smoothness and softness make the hair not to break easily. When combined with other types of oil it improves the overall texture. Garlic is easily available in the markets, thus there is no reason as to why you should stay there and wait for your hair to start breaking.

Use a Heat Protectant

One of the main causes of hair breakages is the exposure of heat. Without proper protection, you can lose most of the hair through the effects of heat. One of the treatments used mainly to make the hair is the use of hot blowers and hair straighteners. Heat weakens and destroys the texture of the hair. You must use protection when using blowers on the hair. Heat protectant is a serum that is smeared on the hair before using hot blowers on it. It minimizes the burning effect of heat on the hair. The serum also nourishes the hair and makes it shiny and glossy. Avoid using heat devices without using a heat protectant.

Use Deep Condition

The cause of hair breakage is the dryness that makes it brittle. Dryness is caused by lack of moisture in the hair. However, this problem can be solved by the use of deep conditioning or hair mask. As mentioned above, their purpose is to conceal the hair so that it retains the amount of water required inside. You should apply it and leave it for some 5-10 minutes for it to give you the best yield. This should be repeated for at least 1-2 times in a month.

Use Low Temperature on the Styling Devices

As mentioned earlier, high temperatures are the cause of the hair breakages. Most of the stylists tend to increase the temperature when attending their clients. This weakens the hair. Ensure the device temperature is regulated to desirable levels. If the device cannot be regulated, you should then replace it.

Ensure That You Use Lightweight Detangler

Hair Detangler

Detangle Hair with Lightweight Detangler

Sometimes due to continuous treatment of the hair, some strands tend to be weak. If not handled carefully when using hot devices it will lose elasticity and as a result will break. The use of lightweight detangler prevents your hair from overstretching when combing it out after shampooing. It’s a spray, so you don’t require a professional to spray it on your hair.

Avoid the Topknot

The style of pulling your hair may largely affect it. Piling it on top of the head may create too much tension. If the hair is weak, it will end up breaking. To avoid this, you should change the way you pile it.  To ease the tension, you can pull your hair at the back and hold it with a clip. You can secure it with a soft scrunchie to ensure that it stays intact and in good condition.

Sleep on The Silk

Hair is very delicate and can break if put under pressure. Most of the hair breakages are experienced during night. This is caused by the type of pillows that one places the hair on. You should ensure you use silk like pillows. They are soft and do not stick with your hair. When you have pillows that have a material that can stick with the hair, the chances of hair breakage is very high.

With the above-detailed points, you should ensure that you prevent hair breakages at all costs. You can incorporate several hair tips so as to maximize your hair protection.